The primary goal of this project is to stabilize the already available platform "simontouch", which was developed for the roboter Astro (Project video Astromobile: and to complement and enhance the missing features based on the requirements of the project Benefit (Project video Benefit: Some of the already existing features need to be stabilized and enhanced. Also, it's required to add additional features. Besides the possibility of watching TV, it also includes the ability to watch DVD, integration of their calendar and an detailed documentation of integration and usage. In addition, a web-based administrative solution is required, which gives administrators and relatives the option to easily manage system configurations and upload pictures, videos, contacts, dialogues and news. In the field of signal processing shall be worked on disallowing false-positives.

Comprehensive and scientific description of its intend as documentary suitable for expert review.

The experience from the beforehand mentioned projects gave following insights:

  • The usage of the XBMC framework for the Benefit solution made it impossible to create a working solution for Skype and communication, which seemed as the most important for elderly people.
  • In addition, this platform is not appropriate for the integration of planned solutions such as the highly requested verbal room control.
  • In the context of project Astromobile an independent kiosksoftware was developed, which is not only open for any development, but also a perfectly functioning center of communication and information with skype, mail, sms, telephone, news, etc. with the option to navigate via touchscreen.
  • Because every problem within XBMC was solved, it makes perfect sense for the development to complement this software with missing features such as watching TV, DVD and surfing the internet and use this platform for future marketing.
  • The usage of this platform gives the advantage to license the software for marketing and enhance the verbal controlled hospital room and house control with an economical approach.
  • The development of web based administration of content, contacts and reminder dialogues makes it possible for relatives to easily manage the individual station and simultaneously creates the foundation for the simple integration of institutional solutions in retirement homes and rehab clinics.