simon is the main front end for the simon open source speech recognition solution. With a few words (Numbers from 0 to 9, “up”, “down”, etc.) you can control a number of programs like a webbrowser , e-mail client, mediacenter etc.

It is possible to listen to music, watch a slide show, TV or videos or listen to the radio just with a few - free eligible - words like "right", "left", "up", "down", "ok", "stop" etc.

Daily reading of newspapers and surfing the internet is easy and uncomplicated. The number Plug-In allows you to click links just by entering numbers.

The voice controlled keyboard allows you for example to enter codes or TAN-Numbers to control your finances.

You can write to predetermined e-mail addresses using numbers and with the use of expandable text modules you can ask basic questions.

It is easy to establish connections to relatives and friends using skype or other Voice-Over-IP solutions.

Navigate the mouse with voice control easy and fast and do simple clicks, double clicks and similar actions.

You can do several arithmetic operations in your daily routine and print either the result or the operation with the voice controlled calculator.